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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A tear jerker to read to the kids =)

So I just HAD to share this with you! Ian and I just went to the library and borrowed this book. "Oh My Baby, Little One"...omg so cute! This book is a great read for anyone but especially those single working mamas <3 This book is about a mom who tells her "little one" how her love for him stays with him all day while he's at school. And how her love for him stays with her all day while she's at work. This book made me cry while I read it to Ian. I am a stay at home mom but my mother was a single working mom and so I can relate. I also books that rhyme and this one has a smooth flow to it. So check it out at your local library too, you won't be disappointed. P.S. I read one page to my mom over the phone and got her all teary eyed too!

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