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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm Pregnant! Me!!

I'm pregnant!
Yes Me.
Inside me right now is a mixture of me and my wonderful husband.

We had felt defeated. We went to see an infertility specialist.
I was given all the necessary antibiotics and such that I would need to take before a scary test called the "HSG".
Basically they were going to insert a catheter into my uterus with a blue dye that would run through my fallopian tubes and let them see whether they were blocked or not.
Sounds is.
I was instructed to wait until my next period started and then call in to make my appointment.
What harm could continuing to "babydance" do in the meantime?
I went ahead and took my ovulation test, it was positive on cycle day 14, as usual.
Hubby and I babydanced, as usual.
And I began my two week wait, as usual.
Then came the day my old Aunt Flow was suppose to visit, as usual.
She was late.
I've always been very regular, it was 10:30p and she still hadn't arrived.
I felt no cramping like I usually do....
Should I waste yet ANOTHER test? Why not...
Dipped the stick in the pee cup...finished up, wiped, flushed,!
I'm seeing double..
Still seeing double!!
I'm pregnant.
I'm pregnant right now at this very moment.
I shoved the still wet pee strip in the pocket of my hoodie and ran to the living room where I knew a board game of Scrabble was under the coffee table.
I spread the pieces out and looked for just the right letters.
"Neil, love? Wanna play a quick game of Scrabble?"
He won't resist, he loves Scrabble.
We sit down on the living room floor and he notices I've already late out a few words.
He reads them silently.
There is a positive pregnancy test underneath.
Neil: "Is that real?"
Me: *choking back tears* "Yes."
We're Pregnant!!!!

I rent a doppler at 7 arrives when I'm 7 weeks 6 heartbeat detected.
Heart sinks
This can't be happening again. (we'd had a miscarriage last year so I knew all too well that a positive test didn't always equal a baby)
I try again the next day....I'm 8 weeks...I'm still....I listen....*whoosh whoosh whoosh*
My baby!!!!!!

First prenatal appointment at 10 weeks 4 days. I listened to the heartbeat this morning before the appointment. Heartbeat was nice and strong. 180 bpm. I'm still a nervous wreck!
Ultrasound probe inserted...awkward...uncomfortable....FORGOTTEN....THERE IS MY BABY!!!!
Baby is measuring right on track.

19 week appointment. We're going to find out if it's a boy or a girl! Baby is measuring perfect. Dr. says baby is very photogenic! I'm a really proud mama! Scrolling down....omg there it is! I see it before the dr. tells me. A little peter wiener!
I'm having a little boy!
Neil is thrilled!
We call everyone on the way home, everyone guessed girl but they were wrong. Neil and I guessed boy, we know our little love better than anyone!

We have two baby showers. Everyone is so happy for us. They know how long we've wanted to be parents. They know how hard it was for us to lose our first pregnancy. They know how monumental this is and how much we appreciate being given this chance. They shower us with love.

I take weekly videos and pictures documenting every moment of this miracle.

The nursery is ready. The hospital bag and diaper bag are packed and by the door. I'm having lower back pain and braxton hicks all the time. My due date is next week! You could be here any day little one. My heart feels like it's going to explode because I love you so much all ready. Any time I feel scared that something could still go wrong...even this late in the game, you give me a strong *thump*...."everything is okay mommy, I'm still packing and getting ready for my the way...I gotta come outta where?!?"

See you soon little one! xoxo


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